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Presbyterian College Renews Focus on Student Affordability and Success

Presbyterian College (PC) has extended its partnership with online bookstore technology provider, Akademos, for another five years. The agreement helps the college continue to support students with access to affordable course materials.

“Through our partnership with Akademos, our students have access to affordable materials that match their learning styles,” said Jason Koenig, PC’s director of auxiliary services.

“Extending our partnership with Akademos is a win-win: We can seamlessly provide easy access to affordable course materials while maintaining management of our store”.

Since 2018, PC students have had access to their customized student dashboards with specific course schedules and can easily compare the pricing of their course materials. Students will continue to have a variety of material formats and pricing available to make the best decision for their learning preferences and budget. Students, faculty, and staff will have continuity in their support and customer service.

Scotsman’s Corner, the one-stop shop for official PC merchandise, will continue to support the community with gear, supplies, and gifts.

“We are thrilled to continue to support Presbyterian College as the college inspires students to learn," said Akademos Vice President of Sales, Chris Boyster. “Extending the partnership builds on the tradition of working together to help each other succeed.”

Contact us today to learn more about how Akademos can help your students access affordable textbooks.