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Coe College Prioritizing Student Satisfaction

1232a2f588df9696b1de6e130289b46aWe are thrilled to announce our newest partner school! Coe College has committed to student satisfaction with their online bookstore change and selected Akademos as its partner to provide the school a comprehensive online bookstore solution beginning this fall.

This partnership is the latest in a series between Akademos and private liberal arts institutions who are looking for new ways to help improve student outcomes.

“Liberal arts institutions work hard to create a student-centered environment and the college bookstore experience is a huge part of that,” said Akademos CEO Raj Kaji. “Our platform delivers the customer-friendly eCommerce experience that students have come to expect in their online book transactions.”

Read the full press release here.

To learn more about how Akademos can help your students access affordable textbooks without sacrificing a superior customer experience, contact us.