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Akademos Expands Course Materials Options & Services for the College of Saint Elizabeth

Improved visibility, flexibility, and cost savings to benefit CSE faculty and students

With any educational institution, administration and faculty play a crucial role in ensuring students are prepared for the first day of class. The two groups must work together to build enough lead time ahead of class start dates so that faculty can then research, select, and share required and optional course material information with their students. This in turn allows students enough time to shop for the best prices - a necessary process for students to obtain affordable textbooks and be prepared to achieve success from the very start.

The College of Saint Elizabeth (CSE) is a private, four-year liberal arts college located in Morristown, NJ that embraces core values of integrity, social responsibility, leadership, and excellence in teaching and learning. The College has been committed to ensuring course materials and textbooks are adopted as early as possible to promote a high-quality, and affordable, educational experience for its students. Likewise, CSE continues to push for a great student experience with new investments in technology.

CSE chooses Akademos course materials platform

The Akademos course materials platform will provide improved benefits to CSE faculty and students

Akademos Course Materials Platform Features, from Adoption to Utilization

This year, CSE has chosen to improve visibility, flexibility, and cost savings for administration, faculty, and students by partnering with Akademos. The platform enables course material adoptions with a step-by-step guide - providing transparency throughout the crucial adoption process for key milestone dates and meeting HEOA compliance. Faculty benefit from flexible options, including textbook recommendations for each class, the ability to create custom coursepacks, and the ability to compare prices in real-time for multiple formats, including new, used, rental, and digital books. The built-in analytics tools give school leadership and faculty the ability to track critical data on an aggregate, class, and per-student level, including purchasing history and platform utilization. And most importantly, students get enough time to shop for course materials at the best prices, including through the Akademos Marketplace, where used textbooks can be purchased at significant savings.

Throughout the onboarding process all the way up to and past the launch date, the Akademos account management and customer service teams ensure that each stakeholder, from administration to faculty to students, is best prepared for success with respect to the course materials process, from adoptions to utilization. 

SIS, LMS, and Financial Aid Integration with Akademos Provides a Personalized User Experience

The Akademos platform integrates with CSE’s PowerCampus SIS, Moodle LMS, and Financial Aid payment systems to enable real-time updates on course changes with a user-friendly interface. Faculty can now benefit from the ability to directly input book adoptions and make updates at any time, while students can see their individual courses for each term and required textbooks without the need to search by course for them.

"We did our homework and found that Akademos has both the experience and expertise to meet our complex needs. It also offers us the analytics to ensure that students, faculty, and administrators are well supported,” said Anthony Santamaria, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences at the College of Saint Elizabeth. “The implementation process has been comprehensive and seamless with an entire team of highly professional specialists to assist us. We are delighted by this choice and look forward to the benefits the new platform will provide CSE students, faculty and staff.”

“We share the same values as the College of Saint Elizabeth to build strong partnerships through trust, mutual respect, and transparency,” said Raj Kaji, CEO, Akademos. “We’re excited to demonstrate how a full-service course materials platform like Akademos can seamlessly integrate with the College’s systems and provide the visibility and analytics needed to streamline the management of course materials for administration, faculty, and students.”

Find out more about the College of Saint Elizabeth and Akademos partnership in the full press release.

To learn more about how Akademos can help guide your institution towards the best option for its bookstore, contact us for more information.