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In Case You Missed It: Top Equitable Access Resources

One initiative that has continued to gain strength in higher education is Equitable Access, the course material model that bundles the cost of textbooks with the cost of tuition. While room and board, meal plans, and facility fees have long been paired with tuition, the concept of bundling textbooks into the cost has historically been met with resistance. With a rising need to think outside the box to drive enrollment, embracing change initiatives may be the key to success.

Whether you’re just starting to explore a first-day course materials model or you’re in decision-making mode for the upcoming semesters, our most-read resources around Equitable Access will provide valuable information for your consideration.

Reference the data
The 2022 Course Materials Insights Report summarized survey responses from over 300 higher education leaders across the country. 91% of the respondents somewhat or strongly agreed that course completion rates would increase if students had access to all of their required course materials for the first day of class. Nearly four in five respondents answered that textbooks should be included in the tuition price. If your institution agrees, it may be time to take the next step!

Understanding the impact
Although conversations about course materials are centered around the campus store, it’s important to understand the far-reaching implications of an equitable access program across campus. As these programs become more popular, we’re seeing additional evidence that they can impact student readiness and retention, as well as the institution’s bottom line. Check out the following blog posts to learn more: 

Learn from your peers
A Case Study: Hastings College - Harnessing Equitable Access to Boost Enrollment and Student Success, outlines how the college introduced Equitable Access as part of a larger - Hastings 2.0 - campaign. Their Equitable Access program is now estimated to save each student an average of $4,000 or more over their four-year journey to a degree. 

A day-one course materials model isn’t a one-size fits all solution. Each institution is unique, which means a customized Equitable Access program tailored to your students and your institution will aid in your success. Read the Blog Post: 3 Institutions, 3 Customized Paths to Equitable Access.

Hear from the experts
A panel of experts gathered for a live discussion on the topic of Equitable Access this fall.  The conversation covered a plethora of topics and offered real-life stories of campuses making the change to Equitable Access and the benefits their students experienced. Grab a fresh cup of coffee, hop over to a more comfortable seat, and watch the webinar replay here.


Start the conversation
The first step to transitioning to a new course materials model is often conversations across campus. Equitable Access has the ability to make positive impacts campus-wide on administration, faculty, and, most importantly, students. Use this resource, Getting Your Team on Board, to start the conversation with various stakeholders across your campus. 


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