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Three Ways to Drive Down Costs for your Students

Are you looking for alternative affordability solutions for your students? When it comes to textbooks and course materials, access and affordability matter. 
Drive down costs and increase student success with one or ALL of these solutions: 

  1. Open Educational Resources (OER): OER materials offer affordable and high-quality educational resources to students at low or no costs altogether. By providing the tools necessary to create and adopt OER materials, you can help increase the utilization of these low-cost materials, ensure faculty get the full use out of their adopted materials, and drive costs down for students.
  2. Inclusive Access Materials: Inclusive Access is a digital course material delivery model where students are automatically granted access to their materials on, or before, the first day of class at a fraction of the cost. In the case of Inclusive Access, there is strength in numbers. Publishers are able to offer deeper discounts to courses that adopt Inclusive Access materials, and students provide the lowest possible cost, while also having access to the materials before the first day of class. It’s a win-win any way you slice it!
  3. Equitable Access: One of the hottest topics transforming how higher education approaches course materials and affordability right now is Equitable Access or simply put - the bundling of books and tuition. By implementing an Equitable Access program, students enjoy an all-inclusive approach to college and have everything they need on the first day of the semester at the lowest price. Equitable Access ensures that every student has a level playing field when it comes to affording and accessing their materials, immediately increasing the chance to excel in their studies. 

    It’s important to note that when it comes to creative solutions for your campus, none of the above is a one-size fits all solution. Your campus is unique. Your course solutions should be too! 

    Explore affordable solutions with a customized bookstore! Set up a call with our specialists today to open the discussions that can drive down costs for your students!