Every Textbook on Day One {Webinar Recap}

Students continue to struggle to afford the materials that are so critical to their success. The data from recent studies is confirming that there is a clear connection between access to course materials and student success.

On this month’s live webinar, Every Textbook on Day One: An Untapped Student Success Tool, a panel packed with industry experts discussed the transformative power of cost-saving textbooks and course material delivery programs, including Inclusive and Equitable Access. 

Panelists included: 

  • Alison Griffin, Whiteboard Advisors
  • Jinann Bitar, The Education Trust
  • Jason Lorgan, University of California - Davis 
  • Mike Moore, University of New Hampshire
  • Kelly Tilstra, Akademos 

On the webinar, panelists discussed results from the Course Materials Insights Report: Institutional Leadership Survey 2022 and Dr. Michael Moore’s 2022 Study, Equitable Access: A Participant v Non-Participant Course Completion Analysis from 2-Year Institutions.

Watch the replay below: 


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