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Hastings College: A Case Study on Equitable Access Success

One of the themes consistently mentioned in our conversations with colleges and universities is – schools are looking for creative new ways to increase enrollment and drive student success.

In 2018, Hastings College, a private four-year institution in Nebraska launched a "Hastings College 2.0" campaign that introduced three progressive changes at the school. Every student would: 
  • Have the opportunity to study abroad at no additional cost
  • Receive an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil upon enrollment
  • Complete just two classes at a time and the college would transition from a traditional schedule to block scheduling

After implementing these changes in the Fall 2019 semester, Hasting College focused on their Equitable Access program. For Hasting students, this meant all of their required course materials would be included in tuition for "no extra costs." For administration at the college, the ability  and transparency to analyze their budgeting and monitor costs while their students receive the amazing benefits is invaluable. 


Download the case study - Hastings College: Harnessing Equitable Access to Boost Enrollment and Student Success - and read about how the program was implemented and now saves students $4,000 of more over their four year journey to earn their degree.