June 6, 2018 | by Jonathan Shar | in White Paper, Course Materials

Akademos Report Reveals How Rising Textbook Prices are Impacting Curriculum Choice and Student Academic Success

Exclusive report highlights key trends on college and university student perceptions and behaviors as they relate to textbooks and course materials

Today, we announced the release of an exclusive new white paper that highlights the results of our proprietary 2018 College and University Student Survey on Course Material Purchasing and Bookstore Services. This report provides valuable data and insightful analysis on student perceptions and behaviors as they relate to textbooks and course materials. While the report confirms common assumptions regarding how the rising cost of course materials is a hardship for many students, the study also reveals that students are now, at an increasing rate, choosing not to purchase materials and/or opting out of some classes due to these costs. The implications of this emerging behavior, including limiting students’ potential career choices, are examined in our recently published white paper. The report, which represents responses from nearly 1,300 students, nationwide, provides valuable information on a variety of topics related to how students view their required course materials and the role of the school-sanctioned bookstore.

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September 20, 2017 | by Ariane Rasmussen | in Textbook Affordability, White Paper

New Akademos Survey Highlights Growing Demand for Enhanced Tools & Services To Better Support Textbook Affordability and Digital Course Materials

2017 President, Provost & Academic Leadership White Paper provides valuable insights and best practices for addressing the rapidly changing textbook and course materials marketplace.

Today, Akademos, Inc. announced the release of its latest proprietary research survey and White Paper on textbooks, course materials and bookstore services. The findings of the 2017 President, Provost and Academic Leadership Survey on Textbooks, Course Materials & Bookstore Services provide unique insights into the obstacles colleges and universities face to reducing textbook and course material costs and highlights some of the best practices implemented across institutions to address them.

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Why Students Continue To Leave The College Bookstore

Survey data highlights an 8-point increase in students shopping outside 
school-sanctioned bookstore since 2013 

Data from the 2017 College CFO Survey on Course Materials and Bookstore Services reveals that nearly half (46%) of survey participants reported that their students abandoned their school-sanctioned bookstore to shop elsewhere for course materials in 2017 – an 8-point increase since 2013’s CFO Survey results.

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The Impact of High Textbook Costs on Student Retention

In our 2015 survey of College Presidents, Provosts and CAOs on the Future of Bookstore Services and Textbook Delivery, 
we asked participants to weigh in on how the exorbitant cost of textbooks are affecting student outcomes. 

The majority (91%) of respondents agreed that the high cost of textbooks and course materials is having a negative impact on student retention, persistence, and completion.

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