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7 Great Valentine's Day Gifts for College Students


7 Great Valentines Day Gifts for College Students

Valentine’s Day is here and love is in the air around college campuses everywhere. This time of year can be a bummer for some but not having a “special someone” doesn't mean you can’t receive some love from friends and family!

Most of us can relate to the struggles of being in college: broke, hungry, and all studied (and stressed!) out. So if someone you love is in college, it’s a good time to send them a gift that shows you really care! Looking for some great ideas to gift your loved ones in college? Check out these seven awesome Valentines:

1. Care Package

Even the smallest necessities can seem like the biggest financial burden when you're a student. Running out of toothpaste, laundry detergent, or even shaving cream all seems to happen at the same time. Sending a care package that includes some everyday items can go a long way. Help put some dollars back in their pockets for that large latte with a shot of espresso the morning after pulling an all-nighter in the library.

2. School Supplies

Labels, notebooks, folders, and color coded pens are all helpful items to stay organized and on track for homework and studying. A full course load can mean lots and lots of notes which means going through lots and lots of supplies. School supplies come in all sorts of fun colors and designs and they contribute to better study habits!

3. Campus Store Bucks

Textbook prices can add a hefty burden on top of already high college costs. Sending a gift card to the bookstore can help students purchase their course materials. Being prepared with the correct textbooks ensures success in their courses.

4. Chocolate Anything

I mean, who doesn't have a sweet tooth?

5. Meal Delivery Subscriptions

Living in an off campus apartment has its pros and cons: more freedom and autonomy but no meal plan. Living off of cups of noodles isn't always the best option when it comes to daily nutritional needs. Being able to afford groceries, having the time to cook, or even getting to the store can be a hassle. Meal subscriptions are a great gift because they can be delivered, they’re fairly easy and quick, and most of all, they are usually a healthier option.

6. Dorm Decor

Being away from home, especially around the holidays can be a bummer for some students. Sending items to liven up a dorm room such as pictures, candles, or string lights can be a good reminder of home and loved ones.

7. Plants

Plants are a great source of happiness! They add color and texture to any setting and have been proven to brighten up a mood. Plants need a good source of light so they encourage you to open some blinds and let light shine in. Some plants, such as succulents are cute and trendy and don’t need to be watered much. Great for busy college students!

Do you have any Valentine’s Day gift ideas for college students? Share in the comments below!