The Burden of Course Material Costs

Textbook prices are on the rise and students realize that not obtaining the required course materials will affect their academic performance. There are many financial burdens students face while in college and they sometimes have to choose between purchasing textbooks or paying for food, rent, or other everyday necessities. While many colleges are working to utilize more OER (Open Educational Resources) as course material, the availability is limited for more advanced level courses. Lower cost alternatives are being provided more and more from publishers, but most of the time students don't utilize the same publishers across their various classes and students end up sharing textbooks, making copies of chapters, or just not acquiring the materials at all.

Implementing a course materials platform that simplifies purchasing and adoptions can lift the burden of expensive textbooks from students shoulders. Faculty will be able to compare prices in real-time and even create custom course packs as an effective textbook alternative. Students will also get transparency when it comes to purchasing their course materials by being able to compare new, used, rental, and Marketplace options, along with an end of semester buyback guarantee.

Bloomfield College Partners with Akademos to Improve Textbook Affordability

Strengthening Bloomfield College’s commitment to affordability, accessibility, and student success, its 1,800+ undergrads will now have access to low-cost textbooks and course material options through their partnership with Akademos, an online course materials platform.

“We are excited to partner with Bloomfield College to provide faculty and administrators with powerful tools that will help reduce course materials costs for students, which will ultimately drive their preparedness and success.” said Raj Kaji, CEO, Akademos.

Akademos will provide Bloomfield College students an online platform to easily access a wide variety of affordable textbooks and course materials through a convenient, personalized shopping experience. This student-focused move will streamline online ordering and supply superior customer service.The personalized portal not only offers affordable course material options to students, but it seamlessly integrates with the school SIS, MS, and payment systems, making the purchasing course materials easy and secure.

Textbook Affordability Partnerships Online Bookstore

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