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Oglala Lakota College Introduces Inclusive Access

Oglala Lakota College introduced Inclusive Access courses through Akademos in the spring 2022 semester and continued through the fall 2022 semester. Inclusive Access is a digital course material delivery model where students are automatically granted access to their materials on or before the first day of class at a reduced price. Courses from the business, accounting, and economics departments are part of their Inclusive Access program, which reaches over 200 students each semester.

Oglala Lakota College is a tribal land grant college located in Kyle, South Dakota. They launched a partnership with Akademos in the fall of 2021 and shifted their textbook sales to the platform, now known as the online Braveheart Bookstore. Through a deep integration with the school’s information system and single-sign-on capabilities, students are able to log into their student accounts and access their specific list of courses and course materials immediately.

Akademos CEO, Raj Kaji said, “As colleges and universities continue to explore creative approaches to enhance value and improve the student experience, the online bookstore helps ensure the best possible value for students. Oglala Lakota College is taking an innovative approach to help make an affordable education experience possible for their students.” 

Click here to read the full press release and read about how introducing Inclusive Access to your students is a proactive approach for addressing student engagement here.