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January 14, 2015 | by John Squires | in Commentary

What Can Be Learned From UMass Amherst’s Decision To Select Amazon

This week, the University of Massachusetts’ flagship Amherst campus selected Amazon to provide textbooks and other course materials for students beginning this fall.

This is a bold move from a major university. It recognizes that textbooks are a major and increasing expense for students, adding to the already growing problem of student debt. If these rising costs are not quickly addressed this will ultimately have a material impact on student performance and retention.

It also recognizes today’s students demand for transparency, value and convenience with everything they purchase. They want to know that they are buying the right product, at the right price, and want to place their order quickly, across any device, at any time.
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September 15, 2014 | by John Squires | in Webinars & Events, New Bookstore Models

Webinar: Supercharge Student Engagement Through Mobile Platforms

Update: If you missed this webinar, email us at to view a recorded version of the presentation.

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July 24, 2014 | by John Squires | in Webinars & Events

In Case You Missed It: NACUBO Session Wrap-Up

On Tuesday, we lead a NACUBO discussion with an audience of college CFOs regarding the future of online college bookstores.

Jaye Lynn Bergers, Director of Bookstores and Merchandising Operations at Davenport University, joined us to share her experience with implementing a “marketplace model” to deliver cost savings and a seamless online shopping experience for students.

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Coming Soon to NACUBO: How to Implement a Bookstore 'Marketplace' Model

The Akademos team is on the road again. This time, we're headed to present a breakout session and exhibit at  NACUBO 2014 in Seattle. Be sure to stop by booth #1100 or set up a custom demo.

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June 25, 2014 | by John Squires | in Webinars & Events, Commentary

Lower the Cost of College Operations: Ideas on Preparing for Digital Textbook Delivery

The higher education conference season is in full effect. I attended an ed tech conference called UBTech held by University Business magazine earlier this month in Orlando, Florida. This was my first time attending UBTech, having formerly mainly focused on the CampusTech conference.

UBTech had a good mix of college and university Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Financial Officers, and similar roles. It also attracted ed tech companies, textbook publishers, bookstore services providers, and other organizations in the industry.

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May 29, 2014 | by John Squires | in Company News

Laboure College's use of Akademos Virtual Bookstore Featured in Business Officer Magazine

A recently published article in the May issue of Business Officer Magazine (“Livening Up the Shelves,” by Apryl Motley) profiles three institutions who have found innovative content delivery methods — online and on campus — to stock their bookstore shelves:

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