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2021 and the Future of Course Materials & Course Content

happy new year

For twenty years, we have focused on reinventing the higher education bookstore model. From developing the first used book marketplace and accepting financial aid for all book types, to preparing schools for the transition to digital and integrating with OER based adaptive courseware, we have made it our mission to provide students with easy access to affordable course materials. 2020 has shown us that students require a state-of-the-art online bookstore and course materials platform. Technology is a necessity now more than ever.

As the needs of institutions evolve, we continue to study the transformation happening in the higher education landscape and the evolution of the college bookstore. The lines between the course materials world and actual course content are blurring. Students, instructors, and administrators need the right tools to provide consistency in delivering course content through numerous and diverse channels. Intuitive, integrated software that manages the entire course materials ecosystem provides immense value by effectively leveraging course materials to improve student academic success.

To that end, we are excited for 2021 and to be developing delivery models that are not just about the online bookstore and course materials platform. We are building products that aid this transition to supporting the institution as a whole with a premiere platform for course content delivery and analytics. We continue to build technology solutions to improve and increase student engagement and utilization of course materials. Our intuitive, integrated platform manages the entire course materials ecosystem and improves student success and retention by effectively leveraging your course material and course content.

With a course content delivery platform, institutions can build and manage a successful course materials strategy from beginning to end – ensuring complete transparency into what is needed to have a favorable academic experience, the tools needed to support that experience on day one, and visibility into the outcomes of their programs to be able to make changes where necessary.

Technology, consumer preferences, and the world around us continues to change at a rapid pace. As 2020 comes to a close, we are even more committed today to be the trusted partner colleges and universities need for the future.