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Los Angeles Pacific University and Akademos Partner to Support Accessibility and Textbook Affordability

In a world where time is a commodity and the rate of inflation for education expenses has far surpassed that of health care, the idea of a traditional college experience is taking on a new dimension. The erratic economy over the past two decades has dictated the need for low-cost and innovative alternatives to higher education. This need coupled with the rise of a digital world has bred a college experience that can be specialized and completed from anywhere. Online programs allow students the opportunity to participate in class and complete coursework when it fits their schedule and at a price that is increasingly more affordable. More than three million students in the U.S. are currently pursuing a degree entirely online. This number is only expected to grow as student interest increases, institutions expand their online offerings, and employer acceptance of an online degree rises.

In an effort to make online education more affordable, we have seen an increase in accredited online-only universities. Los Angeles Pacific University (LAPU) was built to provide a best-in-class online university - making it their mission to remove the barriers to affordability and accessibility with a high-quality, faith-integrated education that is intentionally accessible, career-relevant, and committed to student success. Backed by over a century of experience in providing superior on-ground educational opportunities with Azusa Pacific University, LAPU is taking online education to the next level.

LAPU and Akademos partner for textbook affordability
LAPU and Akademos Partner for Textbook AffordabilityLAPU Students Benefit from an Online Education and Bookstore

It makes sense that a high-quality online education is best served with a high-quality online bookstore that supports convenience, affordability, and student success. We are thrilled to announce that LAPU has chosen the Akademos online course materials platform to serve its student population to fully support the commitment to academic affordability.

“While our heritage from the Azusa Pacific University System dates back over 100 years, our approach to online education through LAPU is cutting edge, and we’re excited to partner with Akademos to ensure that our students have convenient and affordable access to the textbooks and course materials they need to ensure success,” stated LAPU President John C. Reynolds, Ph.D.

Akademos Online Course Materials Platform Provides Visibility, Convenience, and Cost Savings

Among the many affordability benefits of the platform, LAPU administration and faculty now have 24x7x365 single sign-on access to adoption and reporting tools that fully support:

  • early adoptions of all required and optional course materials
  • the selection of low-cost personalized textbooks and course packs
  • data on student preparedness and success

Additionally, students will have access to the technology they expect from a cutting-edge online learning institution. The bookstore will now be a seamless extension of the LAPU student experience, no matter the location.

Los Angeles Pacific University is creating new hope for the future by offering convenient and affordable associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees to students of all backgrounds. Partnering with companies like Akademos will help the university focus on the future and thrive in the digital world. As they help lead the way for high-quality, affordable online education, we look forward to providing LAPU with a first-class online course materials platform.

Find out more about the LAPU and Akademos partnership in the full press release.

To learn more about how Akademos can help your institution increase affordability, accessibility, and student success, contact us for more information.