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Judson University Partners with Akademos to Launch Hybrid Bookstore Model

University to Run On-Campus Merchandise Store as it Moves Books and Course Materials Online 

judson 2-1We are thrilled to announce that Judson University has selected Akademos as its partner to launch a hybrid bookstore model at the school. An evangelical Christian University in Elgin, IL, Judson’s community and more than 1,200 students will be supported by an elevated in-store and online experience. Using Akademos’ premier course materials platform, Judson will move textbook sales online while running an on-campus store for branded merchandise and apparel. The new merchandise store comes just in time to support Judson’s emerging football program, which began last fall.

“We’re pleased to be working with Judson to build a thriving hybrid bookstore model and provide their students, faculty, and staff additional support through our integrated customer experience,” said Akademos CEO Raj Kaji. “Our digital platform streamlines the complexities of course materials management, enabling the university’s on-campus store to focus on promoting the JudsonAwesome pride.”

Read the full press release here.

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