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Hendrix College Chooses Akademos for Online Bookstore Services to Create a Flexible, User Friendly Experience

As technology permeates more and more aspects of our lives, colleges and universities continue to implement new programs and tools to help administration, faculty, and students simplify their day. Most schools have software systems for managing everything from admissions to finances to curriculum, but when it comes to the adoption and purchasing of course materials, many institutions still use a manual process through a physical store.

Operating and managing course materials comes with many challenges, automating this process and making it more affordable for students to obtain course materials, would enable student success and retention.

Streamlining the Way to Student Success

Hendrix College, a 4-year private school in Conway, Arkansas was looking for a convenient, cost effective, and efficient solution that would enable faculty to seamlessly adopt course materials while giving students easy access to a wide variety of low-cost textbooks. Hendrix College partnered with Akademos to launch an online bookstore and course materials platform for Spring 2020 that allowed them to realize their vision.


The comprehensive Akademos platform empowers administrators with advanced and innovative tools for managing all aspects of course material adoption. Faculty can compare prices while considering past adoption history, current options, and department recommendations. Real-time analytics features make it possible to track student purchasing and utilization and communicate with faculty and students via built-in notifications at any time.

“We are excited to welcome Akademos as the College’s textbook vendor,” said Hendrix Provost Dr. Terri Bonebright. “They have a great reputation among their clients in higher education. We believe they will provide better prices, easier access to materials, and great customer service to our students and faculty members.”

To learn more about the Akademos and Hendrix College partnership, check out the full press release.