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Eastern Arizona College Drives Equity with a Bookstore Credit Program

Eastern Arizona College (EAC), a two-year, public institution prioritized equity, service, and convenience when they partnered with Akademos as their online bookstore platform. The school serves approximately 4,500 students and offers associate degree and certificate options at their multiple campus locations.

In the summer of 2022, Eastern Arizona College implemented a Bookstore Charge Program, which offers a line of credit to all students to use toward course material and textbook purchases. 

With the transition to an online bookstore platform, EAC remodeled their physical campus space and aptly renamed it the “Campus Store.” Textbooks can be sent to the on-campus store for pick-up or to the student's residence. The new store now offers an array of convenience items including personal hygiene products, phone chargers, aspirin, snacks, and EAC and Gila Hank branded apparel.

Register for our upcoming webinar, where you’ll hear about the transition to the online bookstore, how the team at EAC is utilizing their new space, and how they implemented the Bookstore Charge Program. Or read the full partnership announcement here.