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Celebrating Community College Month

The life-long impact of a community college can't always be measured by facts and figures. Sometimes, in the success stories is where you find all the data you need.

Where Talent and Opportunity Meet.

Our high school offered a program where students who completed 50 hours or more of community service would be eligible for a scholarship to the Metropolitan Community Colleges (MCC). I was one of only a handful of students from my graduating class who took advantage of the program and attended college at their Maple Woods campus. In hindsight, I am so thankful I did.

When I was in my final semester on my way to earning an Associate's of Arts degree, I was approached by a soccer coach who was starting a Women's Soccer program in the fall. He knew I had been a part of a very successful soccer program in high school and asked if I would be a part of the team. At first, I declined because it was my last semester at the college, but he promised that if I would play one season for him and Captain the team, he'd help me get into a 4-year school with a soccer scholarship. I kept my word to play and he kept his and helped me get a soccer scholarship to play at Park University in Kansas City, MO.

The community college experience was the perfect first few years of college for me. I became Editor of the school newspaper, a role I'm not sure would've been available at a larger school, met great friends through the soccer program and am forever grateful for the opportunity that was granted to me to continue my education at a 4-year campus and continue to play the sport I love.

- Shea Brazill, Account Development Manager at Akademos

Community College Helped Me Find Me.

I was on “the” path, you know the one, do well in high school, get into a good 4-year college, graduate, start a career you love – success, stability, satisfaction – all rolled up into one neat package. I perfected the first half, got a little lost on the second. After realizing that my dream of becoming a math teacher, was not my dream at all (at all!), I was thrown. My path was suddenly gone. Ahead of me was only trees, dirt, rocks, mountains – and I really dislike nature.

Wanting to keep moving forward, I registered for two classes at the community college that fit my work schedule. One of them was Intro to Graphic Design. I never knew there was an option, never mind the breadth of possible careers that would combine the creative things I loved to do with my analytical mind. I have never looked back.

Walking into that community college was one of those sliding door moments that changed my life forever. Taking the chance on a new experience, walking down a new path, an unexpected path, led me to, well, me.

- Kelly Johnston, Director of Marketing at Akademos