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What to look for when you're in the market for an edtech solution


When faced with something as unpredictable as the global pandemic, colleges and universities had to pivot their tech strategies rapidly to meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff. Technology is the key to keep students learning and engaged on or off campus.

When students come back to a physical learning environment, there will be greater expectations of how they’re receiving their education. With an ever-growing list of technologies that can enhance the educational experience, now is the time to start planning what your institution can implement for summer, fall, and beyond. So, what should you look for when sorting through providers?

User Experience

Tech savviness ranges among users. Ensure whatever solutions you decide to implement are user friendly for everyone including administrators, faculty, and students. Not everybody likes the idea of new technology, so making sure they are easy to use will get everybody on board.

Seamless Integration Options

Utilizing technology that can integrate with your existing software has many benefits. With the use of Single Sign-On (SSO), students and faculty won't have to memorize additional usernames and passwords. Also, with integrations the user experience will be personalized since the systems will share information with each other.

Outstanding Customer Service

With new software comes training, make sure you choose a company that can properly implement the technology and onboard your team. Look for features like dedicated account managers, 24/7/365 in house customer support, and customer training videos. It should be easy to get help when you need it.

Remains a Resource - Even After Implementation

As a client, you should be taking advantage of everything you are paying for in a service. Your new technology provider should keep you looped in on product enhancements and updates. They should provide resources such as product feature webinars or other valuable information that can have a benefit for your institution 

Constant Innovation

As higher ed keeps thinking forward, your tech solutions should too. Look for a product that is innovative and keeps up to date with trends and constantly changing environments. In a time where higher education has to adapt quickly, your technology should too.

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