What's Next for Student Success? [Webinar Recap]

Helping students succeed is a priority for us at Akademos, which is why our focus is on continually tracking industry trends on products and features to support student success in higher education. Pam Mueller, Senior Director of Account Development, along with two senior members of our Product team, Clay Salit and Brett Horton, led a 20-minute discussion in July that highlighted the up-and-coming products and features being developed to support student success.

Simpler Access to Digital Course Materials.

One of the newest features for our partners is an optimized integration between the Akademos online bookstore platform and your school’s Learning Management System (LMS). This updated integration will allow a single point of access to digital materials including courseware and ebooks. The easier-to-navigate interface will allow codeless access for students and a central location for all digital course materials. It will also simplify the ability to integrate with future technologies and continue to stay up to date with #edtech standards.

Implementing EDGE Syllabus Central Software.

Managing syllabi on campus can be a very manual and often painful experience for our partner schools, which is why we created our EDGE Syllabus Central Software. This add-on product helps ease the headache of syllabus management for administration, while simultaneously offering convenient access through the LMS to students.

With a similar look and feel as the Akademos adoption portal, faculty can easily edit and manage their syllabus and administration have the ability to add institutional wide policies to all school syllabi. The tool also integrates easily with the bookstore, allowing full transparency to students when they purchase their course materials.

Take away the guesswork of whether or not your messaging has been added to syllabi, the headache of storing and managing syllabus when it comes to accreditation time, and adopt a consistent process for your students by learning more about Syllabus Central with your Account Development Manager.

Supporting Learning Outcomes with Better Reporting and Analytics.

Student engagement with course materials at the start of the term has proven essential for success and a top indicator for student retention. Akademos is able to offer real-time reporting on student purchasing behavior, an ability to gauge how students interact with their electronic course materials and create customizable email reporting.

The future of analytics and reporting for our partners includes student privacy controls, details of adoption statuses for all courses by the type of materials assigned, a separation of eBooks and digital materials as categories, and an Inclusive Access tag for courses.

We are committed to building on the tools and features we offer to our partner institutions and their students. If you’re interested in learning more about any of the add-on features and products mentioned in our webinar, please reach out to Pam Mueller at PMueller@akademos.com.


Watch the full discussion here!




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