June 25, 2014 | by John Squires | in Webinars & Events, Commentary

Lower the Cost of College Operations: Ideas on Preparing for Digital Textbook Delivery

The higher education conference season is in full effect. I attended an ed tech conference called UBTech held by University Business magazine earlier this month in Orlando, Florida. This was my first time attending UBTech, having formerly mainly focused on the CampusTech conference.

UBTech had a good mix of college and university Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Financial Officers, and similar roles. It also attracted ed tech companies, textbook publishers, bookstore services providers, and other organizations in the industry.

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Webinar: How to Implement an Online Bookstore & Reduce Textbook Costs

This Webinar will be extremely informative for schools looking to reduce textbook prices and increase student satisfaction.

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November 18, 2011 | by Brian Jacobs | in Webinars & Events

Open Education Conference Presentation

The Open Education Conference in Utah late last month was an exciting event, and I certainly came away from it with the sense that open educational resources will occupy an increasingly important role in the access and distribution of course materials. I wondered, though, how big.

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