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CFO's Explain Why College Textbook and Course Materials Sales Continue To Decline

Two years ago, Akademos published the first comprehensive survey of college CFOs regarding the future of textbooks and college bookstore services  and in an exclusive webinar held on April 29, released the highlights of the eagerly anticipated 2015 follow-up study

In both surveys, participants were asked to estimate the trend line in their bookstore's textbook sales over the past 3 years.

In the latest survey, 91% of respondents indicated textbook and course materials sales have been flat or down over the past three years and in just two years there was a 36% increase in CFOs reporting declines of more than 10%. 
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The Declining Trend in College Textbook Sales

In the begining of 2013, Akademos published the first comprehensive survey of college CFOs regarding the future of college bookstore 

College Textbook Sales Trend Line

services.  One question participants were asked was to estimate the trend line in their bookstore's textbook sales over the past 3 years and 83% of respondents indicated that textbook sales have been flat or down per the chart below.

See how the opinion of CFOs throughout the country has now changed when Akademos reveals its first look at the recently completed follow-up study on the trends and future of college bookstore services during our live webinar.

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Seven Factors Impacting College Textbooks and Bookstore Sales

Adapted from our white paper, Reducing Textbook Costs through Transitioning to an Online Bookstore. Click here to download a free copy. 

Recent studies have shown that many college students are opting not to buy any or all textbooks or course materials for at least one of their courses due to high prices, leading to students being less prepared for class and negatively impacting their academic performance.  In addition, studies show that many students are selecting courses based upon the cost of the textbooks. Left unchecked, these factors may undermine the fundamental mission of many colleges and universities.

If your college or university is experiencing this trend, it’s important to consider the factors that might be contributing to poor student utilization of your bookstore service.

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Webinar Materials: Win Back Students & Recapture Bookstore Sales

Yesterday, we were joined by Jaye Lynn Bergers from Davenport University for a lively and informative Webinar, How Your Bookstore Can Reduce Textbook Costs and Win Back Students. If you were unable to join this Webinar, we wanted to make the presentation and recording of the session available for you to download free by clicking here.

The feedback from attendees has been extremely positive. Most found hearing how other institutions are quickly implementing solutions that prioritize the success of its students by driving down the cost of textbooks to be extremely relevant and informative.In this Webinar, we took a behind-the-scenes look at Davenport University's approach to winning back students & recapturing sales.
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Is Your College Bookstore Losing Textbook Sales?

This is a very important and sometimes difficult question to answer. However, there’s a good chance that more students than you think are purchasing course materials outside of your campus bookstore or even deciding not to purchase their materials at all.

Many administrators don’t have the data or easy methods to quickly make this determination. Even if it looks like your campus bookstore sales are strong, you may have a significant percentage of students who arenot purchasing through the bookstore, which based upon current trends will only continue to grow over time.

A recurring theme of declining college textbook & course materials sales due to students abandoning the official campus bookstore has surfaced in our discussions with many higher education institutions.

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How College Bookstores Can Stop Losing Students

Can your students easily shop your college bookstore from their smartphones and tablets?

This is the question that every college and university should be asking today. If not there’s a good chance that the number of students finding alternative outlets for buying their class materials, or worse, not purchasing their textbooks at all will grow dramatically over the next couple of years.

2014 was a clear tipping point in mobile commerce as seen through both daily observation and supported by data through many trustworthy sources.

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