The Heart and Soul of Campus Life

Your store, your staff, our software - the complete student experience

AdobeStock_114766486The campus store and its staff are at the heart and soul of your institution. It’s hard to imagine a world where it doesn’t exist. You provide each person who walks through the campus with the products, events, and services that are needed to not only succeed, but to have an exceptional college experience. For the parents, siblings, and children who want to express their pride. For the faculty and staff who need the right materials to guide and prepare. For the alumni who want to show the world where they realized their intellectual, social, and academic potential and inspire the next generation of learners. And most importantly, the students. For the students who miss the comforts of home, who need help navigating the unfamiliar world they are in, who are trying to handle the long nights and newfound pressures. The staff and the store help the students thrive. 

The benefits the store staff produces for the campus year-round is a vital component to the institution. They uniquely serve the diverse community by focusing on creating value with countless services and events. They provide resources to professors looking to save students money without sacrificing quality, and run author events to support their educational research and passion projects. They work with the library and departmental committees to establish low-cost and open educational resource (OER) initiatives. They administer programs to supply essential technology to students in need. They research and acquire the latest trends in merchandise, apparel, supplies, food and drinks, graduation regalia, and necessary everyday products. They diligently plan fundraisers, events, and activities for students throughout the semester that de-stress, motivate, and support overall well-being. Most importantly, the bookstore staff does all of this while being an important revenue stream that contributes to the institution for work study and entrepreneurship programs, classroom technology improvements, campus pride events, scholarship funds, and so much more. 

How do you keep that connection? Give your staff the gift of time to focus on the programs - and people - that matter. A course content platform provides technology to alleviate time consuming tasks, helping increase utilization and student satisfaction. With superior customer service and dedicated account management, a software partner provides extra support where it counts the most.

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