Webinar Materials: Proven Strategies for Addressing Textbook Affordability

We've received a lot of positive feedback from college and university administrators who Davenport University and Roanoke College Provide Insight on Proven Strategies for Addressing Textbook Affordability
attended Tuesday's webinar 
on proven strategies for addressing textbook affordability and bookstore services. The event featured an insightful discussion with Davenport University and Roanoke College about how they've used new college bookstore strategies to lower textbook costs, improve bookstore sales and increase student satisfaction.

Request the webinar recording and presentation to hear how:
  • Roanoke dropped its average book prices
  • Davenport increased bookstore utilization
  • Roanoke apparel sales grew by transitioning its
    on-campus store into a spirit shop
  • Davenport enabled students to seamlessly apply
    financial aid to course material purchases

The webinar also reviews insights from our recent college student survey on course material purchasing and bookstore services.

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