Students Struggling to Access the Right Technology? We Can Help.

Offering Dell technology through the Akademos course materials platform provides options for low-income and remote students

girl using laptopWorking closely with our partner schools, we have seen that having the right materials at affordable prices doesn’t just mean textbooks and other course materials. If students lack the right technology - laptops, software, dependable internet access - they can struggle just as much as they would without course materials. This is especially true for students in rural areas and low-income families who don’t have the resources to buy their own or travel to school or the library to use technology labs. Add a global pandemic on top of that and you have a whole new subset of students who may not be able to get to campus for class, never mind the campus store or library. Integrating Dell offerings directly into the online bookstore has provided much needed support and accessibility for all students. You may say, what is the big deal about offering technology through an online bookstore? Isn’t that a given? For Akademos, it’s not just about what is offered, but why. And more importantly, how can we assure everyone who needs it, gets it.

One of a series of enhancements designed to elevate the student experience and reduce the overall cost of attendance, the Dell Direct integration provides a wide range of laptops at several price points for sale. Just as with their course materials, students can use financial aid to purchase the technology. With no additional out of pocket costs for these materials, students can be prepared for class and have less worries about affording food, rent, and medical care. Orders are shipped directly from Dell - students receive their orders quickly and the bookstore does not carry any risk of costly inventory.

Accessibility is not always a product of convenience. Implementing an easy to use voucher program breaks down those other barriers. Just like our Bookstore Credit Program, the Voucher Program allows institutions to send each eligible student a voucher code to use at the online bookstore to purchase a laptop. This program takes the stresses of the cost and wait for other financial options to come through away from students so that they can focus on their classes and be prepared on day one.

It is your commitment to support every student in the most innovative ways for the good of their future and the future of their families, community, and society that drives our work every day. We have created a delivery system that takes the struggle out of affordability and accessibility and devised flexible programs that use technology to provide solutions for you and your students. When students feel supported and are given the right tools, they succeed. When students succeed, it benefits the entire community.

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