January 8, 2015 | by Kirk Bodick | in Bookstore Sales

Is Your College Bookstore Losing Textbook Sales?

This is a very important and sometimes difficult question to answer. However, there’s a good chance that more students than you think are purchasing course materials outside of your campus bookstore or even deciding not to purchase their materials at all.

Many administrators don’t have the data or easy methods to quickly make this determination. Even if it looks like your campus bookstore sales are strong, you may have a significant percentage of students who arenot purchasing through the bookstore, which based upon current trends will only continue to grow over time.

A recurring theme of declining college textbook & course materials sales due to students abandoning the official campus bookstore has surfaced in our discussions with many higher education institutions.

This has been a growing issue for many schools who now see their bookstore offering low cost textbook purchases as a core service to it’s students based upon the realization that the purchase of course materials in a timely manner is directly correlated to student (and ultimately institution) success, and even future funding.Is Your College Bookstore Loosing Textbook Sales?

For schools interested in understanding the
magnitude of this migration we have developed a simple tool that can help estimate the percentage of your students who are not purchasing their textbooks through your college bookstore and can track potential student savings. An estimate of the current textbook sales through your bookstore, student full-time enrollment population and a few other data points is enough to get us started.

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