New White Paper: Reducing Textbook Costs Through an Online Bookstore

Institutions that have taken action are starting to see positive results in saving students money, improving bookstore utilization, and increasing student satisfaction.

Reducing Textbook Costs Through an Online BookstoreOver the past three decades college textbook prices have grown 812%, increasing three times faster than the Consumer Price Index. Administrators, faculty, students, and parents are increasingly concerned about the escalating cost of textbooks. Colleges are now searching for new solutions to lower costs and support their core mission of educating students.  

Recent studies have shown that many students are opting not to buy any or all textbooks for at least one of their courses due to these high prices, leading to students being less prepared for class and negatively impacting their academic performance. In addition, studies show that many students are selecting courses based upon the cost of the textbooks. Left unchecked, these factors may undermine the fundamental mission of many colleges and universities.

One solution that has had immediate benefits for many colleges and universities is transitioning the sale of textbooks and class materials to a school-sanctioned online bookstore. Based upon their experience to date, we have compiled some key best practices that can be used as a roadmap for other institutions looking to make a similar transition.

In our new White Paper we will share the recent experience of two institutions that have successfully made the transition to an online bookstore, while also highlighting best practices for the following topics: 

  • Identifying the magnitude of the problem for students

  • Establishing key requirements and criteria for the new solution

  • Distinguishing key components of the implementation process and timeline

  • Collecting and analyzing outcomes and results

Request your copy of the Reducing Textbook Costs through Transitioning to an Online Bookstore White Paper today. 

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