September 15, 2020 | by Kelly Johnston |

New Product Announcement! EDGE Syllabus Central

Connecting syllabus and course materials management in one centralized platform

Untitled design (25)We are happy to announce our newest technology built to simplify and streamline syllabus management, EDGE Syllabus Central. The latest feature of our all-in-one software solution for college and university bookstores connects syllabus and course materials management in one centralized platform.

“With the rapidly changing learning environment at many colleges and universities, having one powerful tool for syllabus and course materials management has benefits beyond the classroom,” said Raj Kaji, CEO Akademos. “The addition of the Syllabus Central software to our platform provides a higher level of support to institutions and removes additional barriers to success for students.”

With an accurate syllabus in hand, students know what is expected of them and are empowered to make decisions about their educational experience. Additionally, with the synchronization of information between adoptions and the syllabus, a consistent student experience is provided and utilization of the bookstore increases. Promoting course material access contributes to the highest level of support and preparedness on day one of class. With the release of EDGE Syllabus Central, Akademos continues on a path of innovation and advancement of the industry by leveraging course materials technology in different ways to improve student success.

Read the full press release here.

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