New eBook Available: The Future of Course Materials is Now

Akademos Exclusive Resource Reveals Use of Digital Course Materials at a Tipping Point Across Colleges and Universities 

 New Course Materials Platform (CMP) presented as a solution to help institutions thriveThe Future of Course Materials is Now eBook
in a dynamic and rapidly changing 
textbook and bookstore services marketplace

As the costs of college textbooks and course materials continue to rise, colleges and university leaders play a pivotal role in ensuring that they are developing the best resources to provide affordable, convenient and impactful solutions for their students. Today, we announced the release of an exciting new eBook, The Future of Course Materials is Now, which reveals that the use of digital course materials and services on college campuses is at a tipping point – and this accelerating trend towards digital course materials provides a clear path for educators to satisfy the demands of students today and provide valuable services that improve instruction and student success in the future.  

As the use of digital has risen, institutions must meet the multi-format, price-driven demands of providing students physical materials (new, used and rental), while also preparing for the future by building the capability to distribute digital course materials (from eBooks to immersive courseware).  Most critically, as the shift toward digital increases, educators need insights through actionable data, which will help them understand how learning materials impact student success. Our eBook introduces the concept of a Course Materials Platform (CMP)TM as a way to meet all of the resulting complex needs of institutions, faculty and students.

The Future of Course Materials is Now eBook provides strategic insights for college and university administrators in areas including:

  • The latest usage trends on digital course materials
  • Predictions for the future of textbooks and course materials
  • The need to transform textbook services into a Course Materials Platform (CMP)
  • At-risk factors for institutions that aren’t prepared for the changing landscape
  • Plus insights on a variety of additional topics, from the utilization of CMP data to the digital upbringing of Generation Z

“Institutions have the great responsibility of providing easily accessible, affordable and effective course material to their students and supporting their academic success,” said John Squires, Chief Executive Officer, Akademos. “While the transition to digital course materials is complex, it also provides colleges and universities with an opportunity. Digital materials provide an affordable solution with day-one access. The concept of a Course Materials Platform facilitates the ability of institutions to support all of their academic programs and students, while providing rich data that informs better decision making in the classroom and on campus as a whole, now and in the future.”

The future is no longer a distant point on the horizon; the time to prepare and act is now. Please take a moment to download our eBook to learn more. 

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