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National Louis University Supports Student Success with New Online Bookstore

National Louis University is one of Chicago’s oldest universities with a history that dates back to 1886. They offer over 70 undergraduate and graduate programs across their multiple colleges and support a student population of over 10,000 students. They recently partnered with Akademos, an online bookstore solution, to support the Winter 2023 term.

“Finding new ways to make college accessible for students is a core priority for National Louis University,” said Jamie Merchant, Director of Marketing-Communications and PR at NLU. “We are committed to keeping the benefits of higher education affordable for all, including course materials.” 

The implementation of the new online bookstore closely aligns with the school’s commitment to earning an affordable degree. Through the online portal, students can compare pricing and resell their course materials, if desired. The adoptions and analytics portal offers administrators reporting and analytics that can aid in long-term planning discussions, budgeting, and overseeing student success. 

Read more about the partnership here!