NACUBO Session Recording Available: The Hybrid College Bookstore Model

If textbook affordability is important to your institution and you're open toImage result for NACUBO learning about new bookstore
models, you'll want to request the recording of our interactive session with Labouré and Berea colleges from the 2016 NACUBO Annual Meeting. 

This well-attended session, which received a lot of positive feedback, covers how the new hybrid college bookstore model reduces textbook costs, improves bookstore sales and increases student satisfaction.
The recording and presentation materials can be requested by clicking here or on the button below.

The session covers how combining a school-sanctioned website with an on-campus shop can:

  • Improve textbook affordability, bookstore sales and the textbook purchasing experience
  • Provide the flexibility required to transition to new digital learning platforms and materials
  • Win back students by applying advanced technology best practices

Request Session Materials

If you attended the session and want additonal information about the hybrid bookstore model, contact us or request a copy of our hybrid bookstore model white paper.

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