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Juniata College Launches Akademos' Online Bookstore To Deliver Students Discounts on Course Materials

Juniata's new online bookstore will increase textbook affordability and drive student success.Juniata Launches Akademos' Online Bookstore To Deliver Students Discounts on Course Materials

Akademos, Inc. is pleased to announce that Juniata College, a private liberal arts college located in the scenic mountains in central Pennsylvania, has selected Akademos as its online bookstore provider to improve student success and increase textbook affordability.

The College has a strong reputation for excellent academics, personal attention, and state-of-the-art technological resources and is recognized for its distinctive focus on experience and excellent outcomes in Lauren Pope's Colleges That Change Lives.

Starting with summer term 2017, Juniata students can shop for textbooks and course materials in the money saving format of their choice and place orders anytime, anywhere, from any device. The new school-sanctioned virtual bookstore platform will provide students with a wider selection of course materials to choose from – including new, used, marketplace, rental and eBook formats – dramatically expanding students’ access to lower cost course materials.

The next-generation Akademos virtual course materials store will give students and faculty complete visibility throughout the textbook purchasing and adoption process. Juniata’s student information system (SIS) will seamlessly integrate with the Akademos online platform enabling students to see a personalized listing of the textbooks required for each of their courses and to
order books for an entire semester rapidly and efficiently.Akademos’ exclusive marketplace offers over 100 million new and used textbooks for students to choose from with the average student saving 60% off the list price. At the end of each term, students will have the option to sell back their textbooks through the Akademos peer-to-peer marketplace to recoup some of their cost.

“We are confident that transitioning to a personalized, school-sanctioned virtual bookstore with a marketplace that offers students more competitive pricing on course materials is the right decision for Juniata,” said James A. Troha, President of Juniata College. “Partnering with Akademos closely aligns with our strategic plan, Courage to Act. Our goal is to give our students access to the best resources available to help them grow and thrive as individuals who think deeply and care deeply about their community.”

Aligning with Juniata’s educational approach of collaborative student-faculty relationships, Juniata faculty will be able to use advanced adoptions and analytics tools to help drive student and institutional success through the adoption of lower-cost, high-quality materials. The Akademos Adoption & Analytics portal allows faculty to compare real-time prices for course materials in multiple formats to choose the best, low-cost options for students. The analytics tools enable faculty and administrators to have critical control over the faculty-adoption and student-purchasing process to track progress from across the entire college to individual classes.

“Our unique and innovative full-service bookstore solution aligns closely with Juniata’s reputation for collaborative student-faculty relationships and state-of-the-art technologies,” said John Squires, Akademos Chief Executive Officer. “What we have seen with other institutions is that a greater selection of materials in different formats, including marketplace options, leads to reduced course material costs – which results in greater access to learning materials and an increase in student preparedness and academic success.”

Leveraging Akademos’ state-of-the-art virtual bookstore platform for course materials will enable Juniata’s current brick and mortar store to transition to a full-service general merchandise campus store.  This new hybrid bookstore model will allow Juniata to use the space previously dedicated to textbooks and course materials to now offer a wider selection of spirit wear, supplies and other merchandise to better serve its community.

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Written by Ariane Rasmussen

Content Writer & Marketing Communications Manager, Akademos

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