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Simplifying the Course Materials Ecosystem with Centralized Syllabus Management

ANew Blog (2)n often-overlooked stage in the course materials ecosystem is the creation and management of the syllabus. One of the things we have learned over our 20 years in the industry is that the syllabus is the cornerstone of student success. It is the first place where class expectations are set and students identify what course materials are needed to have a successful semester. It is also where they learn what policies, regulations, and assistance services are available to them. With an accurate and consistent syllabus in hand, students are empowered to make decisions about their educational experience.

There are many challenges higher ed administration face trying to efficiently manage the syllabus process and ensure institutional compliance. Our webinar will discuss these challenges as well as the syllabus management solution that will:

  • Boost revenue by increasing utilization of the bookstore
  • Save time and reduce educator workload
  • Preserve and promote academic freedom
  • Simplify accreditation reporting
  • Enhance regulatory compliance

We believe leveraging integrated course materials management technology in different ways will not only save your institution valuable time and money, but more importantly, support academic preparedness and improve student success. Join us to learn more!

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