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Graduate School USA Adopts Akademos Online Bookstore Solution

Graduate School USA joins with Akademos to deliver its students significant discounts on course materials and to utilize the new Akademos CoursePack Creator tool.

Graduate School USA Adopts Akademos Online Bookstore SolutionWe are pleased to announce that Graduate School USA has joined
our growing list of customer schools. Graduate School USA is a private, non-profit educational institution headquartered in Washington, DC. Effective immediately, Graduate School USA will take advantage of Akademos’ ability to lower textbook and course material costs for students and utilize its best-in-class CoursePack Creator tool.

The CoursePack Creator is an enhanced web-based tool
that allows instructors to create cost-effective, custom compilations of academic materials.  
Features of this easy-to-use solution include:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface to organize chapters  
  • Blending of both publisher and instructor-created content  
  • All copyrights and clearances handled by Akademos  
  • Low cost print-on-demand copies with no required minimum order size

“Graduate School USA  strives  to  maintain  up-to-date  curricula  that  allow  learners  to  remain current at every stage  of  their  career  and  personal  development,”  said  Elaine  Ryan,  Interim President of Graduate School USA. “Working with Akademos will give faculty the power to use and create  affordable  customized,  course-specific  learning  materials,  while  providing  high quality educational content at a great value for our students.”

“We are pleased to welcome Graduate School USA to Akademos,” said Chief Executive Officer John Squires. “We are committed to providing this institution with the textbooks and course materials needed to remain a leader in public sector education, workforce development, and training.”

To learn more about how institutions like Graduate School USA use Akademos' online bookstore solution to lower textbook costs and help students succeed, visit www.akademos.com 

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