eBook Available: Future-Proof Your College Bookstore

New eBook provides valuable insights on bookstore models that address and TEST ebook.jpgsupport textbook textbook affordability, accessibility and student success.

Today, we announced the release of an exciting new eBook highlighting bookstore models that help institutions better meet the growing student demands for lower-cost textbooks and course materials, more choice and greater convenience. The eBook uncovers new insights on the future of college bookstores and strategies that can effectively compete with low-cost third party websites and support an institution’s transition to digital learning materials.This new eBook, available for free, explores: 
  • Primary reasons institutions move to new bookstore models
  • Key factors to consider when selecting a new model
  • Tips for ensuring a successful transition to a new bookstore
  • Several future-proof bookstore models offering long-term financial stability
  • Plus much more

The eBook delivers many actionable recommendations administrators and campus shop operators can use as a
resource to help transition to a sustainable, future-proof model.

“The internet and mobile technology have completely transformed the way educational materials are produced, purchased, delivered and consumed. This new eBook provides key insights to help colleges and universities select a future-proof model that is right for their unique needs,” said John Squires, Chief Executive Officer, Akademos. “Through its experience supporting hundreds of institutions across the country, Akademos has seen first-hand how college bookstores need to transform into an educational platform and best-in-class service that directly supports an institution’s core mission of driving student success.”

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