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Data Opens Conversations and Drives Change

There is a noticeable shift in conversations happening in higher education right now. Creative ideas around recruiting and retaining students can help institutions stand out among the thousands of choices today’s students have in front of them. 

Course Materials Infographic Preview
 The NPR article, "The college enrollment drop is finally letting up. That's the good news", published in October 2022, shows that enrollment is beginning to bounce back after the deep declines seen in the 2020 and 2021 academic calendar years, but there are still struggles.

Concerns about student debt and a strong labor market for unskilled workers, and questions about college affordability, particularly at four-year colleges, are other major factors keeping prospective students away from getting a degree.” 

Use this downloadable infographic to open the conversation on campus with your peers and explore creative solutions for both recruitment and retention. You can also download the full Course Materials Insights Report here