September 21, 2016 | by Lauren LaFronz | in Company News, Textbook Affordability

Akademos Launches Curriculum Development Services for College Faculty

Our partnership with NobleStream provides faculty with individual consultations for the selection of innovative, low-cost textbooks and course materials. 

Akademos_Curriculum_Services_logo.jpgAkademos Curriculum Development Services™ provides faculty with personal consultations on new learning models and course material choices that support faculty and student success by improving access to alternative, low-cost options.

Through our strategic partnership with education consulting firm NobleStream, faculty at Akademos’ 120+ partner institutions can engage with NobleStream's course advisors and explore opportunities to use unique courseware from best-in-class educational providers.
Key features include:

  • Discovery of solution providers in the Akademos Adoption & Analytics Portal with easy “one-click” faculty scheduling for consultations
  • Custom course pricing options that dramatically reduce costs while providing high-quality digital course materials and relevant, advanced instructional products

  • One-stop access to a suite of innovative educational solution providers including Fulcrum Labs, Lrnr, MindEdge, panOpen, uCertify and many more to help faculty evaluate and select the most appropriate resources for meeting their learning objectives

“We’ve had a profound impact on reducing students’ costs by providing them more affordable purchase options, including our unique educational marketplace,” said Akademos' CEO John Squires. “In addition, our advanced faculty software and services dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of course material adoptions. Now, through our partnership with NobleStream, we’ve added a vital resource to course material discovery that informs faculty about new materials that can improve the classroom experience and significantly lower student costs.”

“Akademos is a leader in creating value for colleges and universities, and we are delighted to extend their reach by playing an active role in helping faculty drive student and institutional success,“ said NobleStream Managing Partner Howard Weiner. “NobleStream’s portfolio of educational companies are innovators in instructional design, and they are ideally-matched to provide custom solutions for Akademos partner institutions.”

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