April 14, 2016 | by Lauren LaFronz | in Research

College Student Survey Provides Important Insights into Textbook Purchasing & Bookstore Services

This white paper, available free-of-charge, provides valuable insights on why many college students don't purchase their required course materials and are turning away from the school-sanctioned bookstore. College and University Student survey on Course Material Purchasing and Bookstore Services
Other issues explored in this new resource include:

  • The cost students pay academically for high textbook prices

  • How poor communication about course material requirements is affecting student success

  • How key factors such as convenience are causing students to abandon school-sanctioned bookstores

The survey results reveal important statistics that indicate institutions should take a close look at their own students’ attitudes and behaviors related to textbook costs and bookstore services:

  • 40% of students surveyed only purchase some or none of their required course materials

  • 39% of students surveyed have taken a course without the required materials because they’re too expensive. 60% of them think they would have performed better if they’d had the materials.

  • 49% of students surveyed always or usually purchase textbooks from Amazon

  • 44% hardly or never purchase from the on campus bookstore.

  • 37% of students surveyed wait until on or after the first day of class to acquire their materials

In addition, the white paper delivers actionable recommendations administrators and campus shop operators can use to reduce textbook costs, improve student satisfaction with bookstore services and increase bookstore sales.

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