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Bethany Lutheran Prioritizes Tech to Create a Better Student Experience

Located seventy-five minutes from Minneapolis is Bethany Lutheran College, a four-year, private liberal arts college with approximately 800 undergraduate and graduate students. The school recently partnered with Akademos to launch a new online bookstore for the Spring 2023 semester. The school will continue to manage the Bethany Christian Bookstore and Bethany Spirit Store, which specialize in gifts, books, spirit wear, and other merchandise for students.

Using a convenient, single-sign-on option, Bethany Lutheran students will have access to a customized list of required and optional course materials. Multiple purchasing options including formats such as digital and physical, new, used, or rented materials, are made available through the online portal to provide in-platform price comparisons. 

Dr. Jason Lowrey, Vice President of Academic Affairs at the school said, “Bethany Lutheran is pleased to partner with Akademos to offer students a seamless experience for acquiring course materials and textbooks. This decision contributes to our long-term goals as an institution and desire to find a tool that allows us to communicate better with the students.” 

Read more details about the partnership here.