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Study Confirms Colleges Can Improve Student Satisfaction

It’s abundantly clear that high textbook costs are a critical issue for colleges and their students, however there is no effective way to address this highly-complex issue.2016 How Colleges Improve Student Satisfaction & Bookstore Sales with Key Online Services Case Study

Our new study, available free-of-charge, provides proof that addressing college textbook affordability with specialized online bookstore solutions is highly effective and positively impacts student satisfaction, bookstore sales and academic success.

The study contains a comparative analysis from two surveys recently conducted on college student purchasing behaviors and bookstore services. One survey was administered exclusively to students currently enrolled at an Akademos partner schools, and another,  administered to college students enrolled at a random sample of "non-partner" institutions. 

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How to Impact College Student Preparedness

A recent survey conducted by Akademos on college textbooks and bookstore services revealed a troubling trend  a large percentage of students wait until on or after the first day of class to order course materials.College Textbook and Bookstore Services Data Akademos

Student unpreparedness is an issue with far-reaching consequences. Students who begin courses without the required materials invariably end up trying to play catch-up  and the longer they wait to get their books, the farther behind they’re likely to fall - and the worse they’re likely to perform.

However, the survey results also uncovered that there’s an actionable way to address this issue  which is good news for colleges and universities.
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Sweet Briar College Selects Akademos Online College Bookstore Solution

The Akademos online college bookstore solution and marketplace will offer Sweet Briar significant savings on textbooks and course materials while providing unmatched convenience of anytime, anywhere ordering Related image

Akademos, Inc., a leading provider of online college bookstore solutions and integrated online marketplaces for educational institutions, announced today that Sweet Briar College, a private, not-for-profit college for women, has joined its fast-growing list of partner schools. Sweet Briar College, located in central Virginia, was named one of the Top 10 Best Private Colleges in the South and one of the Top 10 Best Women’s Colleges by Forbes. It is the fourth Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia (CICV) member institution to adopt the Akademos online bookstore solution – the others include Bridgewater College, Mary Baldwin College and Roanoke College.
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College Student Survey Provides Important Insights into Textbook Purchasing & Bookstore Services

This white paper, available free-of-charge, provides valuable insights on why many college students don't purchase their required course materials and are turning away from the school-sanctioned bookstore. College and University Student survey on Course Material Purchasing and Bookstore Services
Other issues explored in this new resource include:

  • The cost students pay academically for high textbook prices

  • How poor communication about course material requirements is affecting student success

  • How key factors such as convenience are causing students to abandon school-sanctioned bookstores

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