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2016 Updated New Hybrid College Bookstore Model White Paper

To get your new year started off right, we are re-releasing our most popular white paper from the past year, The New Hybrid College Bookstore Model.

This exclusive report provides key learning and updated case studies on how institutions are successfully implementing low-cost online bookstore offerings, while building best-in-class
on-campus shops. 

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December 2, 2015 | by Jonathan Shar | in Bookstore Sales, Research

White Paper: Why Students Are Leaving The College Bookstore

Our new white paper, Why Students Are Leaving The College Bookstore, was released today and is now available for download. 

Find out how other institutions are transforming their college bookstores into a best-in-class student service and seeing  significant improvements in   textbook affordability student satisfaction,  and  bookstore utilization  - even as student demands for accessibility, convenience, and affordability accelerate.
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November 2, 2015 | by Jonathan Shar | in Textbook Adoption, Resources

Best Practices For Textbook Adoption - White Paper Now Available

Our new Best Practices for Textbook Adoption White Paper was released today and is now available at no charge upon request.    

The White Paper highlights the best practices to support well informed, timely course material adoptions - this new resource will help make the adoption process easier for college administrators and faculty, while preserving academic freedom.
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November 2, 2015 | by Jonathan Shar | in Textbook Adoption

Akademos Launches New Textbook Adoption & Analytics Portal

Today, Akademos, Inc. announced the release of a new software platform designed to make the adoption of textbooks and course materials easier and less time consuming for the entire campus community.  

The new state-of-the-art portal will streamline the adoption process and provide clarity and much needed transparency around course materials pricing and process deadlines. Enhanced reporting and real-time analytics will give administrators valuable insights into the relationship between course material cost, sell-through and academic success.

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September 21, 2015 | by Jonathan Shar | in New Bookstore Models

New eBook: The Future of College Bookstore Services

Strategic insights on how to meet the demands for lower cost textbooks, more choice and convenience for students, and enhanced tools and services for administrators and faculty.

Today, we announced the release of an exciting new eBook highlighting what the future holds for college bookstore services. 

Since 1978, college textbook prices have grown 945%, increasing 3.5x times faster than the Consumer Price Index. College administrators, faculty, students, and parents are increasingly concerned about the escalating cost of textbooks. Colleges are now searching for new solutions to lower costs and support their core mission of educating students.

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August 11, 2015 | by Jonathan Shar | in Company News, Partnerships

Pratt Institute Launches Akademos' Online Bookstore Platform

New York’s prestigious Pratt Institute partners with Akademos to deliver students significant discounts on course materials

We are pleased to announce that Pratt Institute, a renowned New York City-based college that educates creative thinkers from around the world, has joined our rapidly growing list of partner schools.

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