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Akademos Report Reveals How Rising Textbook Prices are Impacting Curriculum Choice and Student Academic Success

Exclusive report highlights key trends on college and university student perceptions and behaviors as they relate to textbooks and course materials

2018 Student Survey Report CoverToday, we announced the release of an exclusive new white paper that highlights the results of our proprietary 2018 College and University Student Survey on Course Material Purchasing and Bookstore Services. This report provides valuable data and insightful analysis on student perceptions and behaviors as they relate to textbooks and course materials. While the report confirms common assumptions regarding how the rising cost of course materials is a hardship for many students, the study also reveals that students are now, at an increasing rate, choosing not to purchase materials and/or opting out of some classes due to these costs. The implications of this emerging behavior, including limiting students’ potential career choices, are examined in our recently published white paper. The report, which represents responses from nearly 1,300 students, nationwide, provides valuable information on a variety of topics related to how students view their required course materials and the role of the school-sanctioned bookstore.

Additional Highlights of the survey include:

  • The importance of improving faculty communication to strengthen student preparedness 
  • The significant growth of eBooks and/or digital courseware
  • Why students are leaving their school-sanctioned bookstores to order materials from Amazon, Chegg and other third-party sources

Some key statistics in the 2018 survey include:

  • 47% of students surveyed report that they do not purchase all of their required course materials – up 11 points since 2016
  • 25% of students (up 14 points since 2016) have chosen not to register for a course or have dropped a course due to the expense of the required course materials
  • 73% of students stated that they only purchase or rent course materials once their professors confirm that they will be needed 
  • Over 30% of students indicated that they only purchase or rent course materials if they are affordable, or if they believe the class would be too difficult without them 
  • Of the students that have purchased course materials, 61% of students purchased an eBook or digital courseware for at least one class – of this group, 71% purchased digital course materials for multiple classes

In addition to presenting the survey results, the white paper includes ideas, suggestions and best practices for administrators and academic leaders that will help bring students back to the school-sanctioned bookstore and positively impact their academic success.

To review all of the data and findings,  request a complimentary, full copy of the report.

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