Akademos and CogBooks Announce Strategic Partnership

Further advancing an integrated approach to learning in higher education


We are very excited to announce our newest strategic partnership that brings additional benefits to students and faculty through the Akademos course materials platform. The partnership integrates CogBooks’ engaging adaptive learning courseware into Akademos’ industry-leading online bookstore and course materials platform. In addition to a more comprehensive course materials ecosystem and agile learning environment that keeps students engaged, this strategic agreement will provide higher education institutions valuable tools and insights into student success.

“We are pleased to be working with CogBooks to offer increasing choice and value to the students, faculty, and administration at each of the colleges and universities we serve,” said Raj Kaji, CEO, Akademos. “Our course materials platform is uniquely positioned to provide innovative and affordable adaptive learning technology to higher education institutions. Working with CogBooks and integrating our technology will have significant benefits in understanding the connection between course material adoption, purchase, and utilization with academic success and retention.”

Read the full press release here.

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To learn more about CogBooks and their adaptive learning technology, please visit www.cogbooks.com

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