5 Tips to Work or Study From Home

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When it comes to getting work done, whether it’s “real world” work or classwork, everyone has preferences of how they like to get things done. For college students, it could be studying in a cube in the library or sitting at a table with friends. Some study better in their dorm while others can’t focus in their rooms. Those with a traditional job might prefer sitting in an office with the door closed or try to find an opportunity to work remotely.

As a result of the current pandemic,continuity plans are being implemented and enforced, and most of the world has moved online. A majority of people are working and studying remotely.Colleges and universities have shifted physical classes online and even moved students off campus. Many businesses have had to modify their services in order to adapt to the current climate.

To help you stay focused and productive under these circumstances, here are my top 5 tips for students and professionals alike.

1 - Stay on a regular schedule: If you normally work between the hours of 9am and 5pm, keep doing just that. Sleeping in and starting to work later might make you less productive towards the end of the day when you are used to winding down. If you are a student whose class was at a designated time, listen to the online lecture at that same time. Keeping to a familiar schedule ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

2 - Put everything in the cloud: If you need to use a personal computer at home for work, chances are you have important documents that are essential and not accessible from your personal computer. Make sure you can access the office VPN or move files to the cloud so you can access them any time. Just be sure to check with your IT department first for any company requirements or restrictions!

3 - Find a space that works for you: For some people, it helps to have one area as a designated work space, such as a home office or half of the kitchen table. If you prefer a change of scenery (like I do!), make sure to carry what you need with you. I keep my planner, notebook, and assortment of pens together and with me wherever I am.

4 - Take breaks: Do you eat lunch at 12pm every day? If so, keep to that schedule. Continue to pack your lunch the night before like you usually would. If you take a coffee break in between projects, break at home. Being consistent in your daily routine will keep you motivated and productive.

5 - Chat with your coworkers or classmates: Social distancing can be a struggle, especially when you're used to an office full of people or a bustling campus. Thanks to online platforms like google hangouts, slack, and zoom we can be together virtually anywhere. Don’t hesitate to message your favorite co-worker or classmate and ask about their weekend.

Let us know what you are doing to stay on track! In the meantime, please stay safe, wash your hands, but most importantly, keep calm! We will make it through this together.

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