5 Tips for Easing Back into the School Year

With the first day of the 2022 Fall Semester just around the corner, we're officially in Back to School Season. 

Whether you’re a faculty member getting ready for another semester of teaching or an eager student preparing for the start of classes, getting back into your school year habits can be a hard transition after a laid-back summer. As you start preparing for the semester, consider these five tips for easing back into the school year. 

1. Re-introduce your pre-summer bedtime and morning routines
One way you can ease back into the school year is to reintroduce your school-year bedtime at least one week prior to the first day of classes. If you get back into your regular routine just a few days in advance of the semester, you’ll feel both well rested and better prepared for the first day of class.

2. Trial run your campus commute
Take the time to test drive your school morning before the semester begins. This exercise offers a chance to time your drive with traffic, determine where you'll park and chart your route to classes. Testing out this exercise before the first of class will make your first day less stressful and perfectly timed.

3. Embrace meal planning and prep
Getting back into the habits of the school year can be a daunting and stressful time. Ease into it by planning how and when you can meal plan and prep. Make sure to consider your on-campus meals and your class schedule. If you’ve been eating lunch at noon every day of the summer but have a two-hour lab during the semester, plan out your meal times to work for you when school is back in session.

4. Get organized
Take a deep dive into your course schedule, order your course materials, snag some of the back-to-school deals on office supplies, computer bags, and any other items you’ll need on the first day of class. Do this at least one to two weeks before school starts so you aren’t fighting the crowds leading into the first day.

5. Find a Friend
Easing into the school year can be easier with a friend! If you’re a student, compare class schedules with your friends to see if any of your classes or times on campus align with each other. If you’re a faculty member, reach out to a colleague and see if there’s a chance to carpool or plan an on-campus lunch together during the first week.

We know getting back into the school year routine can be a hard transition, but we wish all of our friends in the higher ed industry a smooth start. We also wanted to extend an especially warm welcome to our newest partners, CUNY College of Staten Island, Edgecombe Community College, Knox College, Lake Forest College, Manhattanville College, Quincy University, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Tennessee Southern, University of Nebraska Kearney, Walsh College, Western Oklahoma State College, and William Jewell College.

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