October 18, 2017 | by Ariane Rasmussen | in Webinars & Events

Webinar Materials Available: Best Practices for Transitioning to a Hybrid Bookstore Model

Interactive session featured two live case studies from institutions that Webinar Session Materials.pnghave successfully transitioned to a new future-proof model

Yesterday's Key Lessons & Best Practices for Transitioning to a Hybrid Bookstore Model Webinar provided attendees with a road map and key insights on how to successfully transition course materials to an online bookstore and enhance the campus store.

Featured panelists Paul Wykes, Chief University Budget Officer of Clark University; Stephanie Henning, Registrar of Central College, and John Squires, CEO of Akademos, reviewed the following topics:

  • Why they considered a new bookstore model for their institution
  • The options, evaluation and implementation process
  • The key benefits of making this transitioning, including leveraging technology to drive textbook affordability; improve the student purchasing experience and the faculty book adoption process
  • How moving to a general merchandise only campus store enabled
    them to focus on the institution's brand and offerings
  • Results-to-date at each of the two institutions
  • Best practices and key lessons learned from their first-hand experiences
To learn more about how the hybrid bookstore model can help your institution drive textbook affordability, support the advancement of digital course materials and eLearning models, and provide an innovative campus store environment for the community, request your free copy of the session's materials today.

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