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New Akademos White Paper provides valuable insights from College CFOs on textbooks, course materials and the future role of the college bookstore

The 2017 College CFO Survey report highlights an accelerated rise in students leaving THUMBNAIL 2017 CFO White Paper.jpg
the college bookstore and business 
administrator concern over the impact of textbook prices on student performance and persistence.

Today, Akademos Inc. announced the release of an exclusive new White Paper that highlights the results of their proprietary 2017 College CFO Survey on Course Materials and Bookstore Services. This comprehensive report provides critical insight on today’s top college and university bookstore trends and includes findings on bookstore sales, textbook affordability, student preparedness, and emerging trends in digital course materials, eLearning models and general merchandise sales.

This is the third study surveying CFOs and business administrators in higher institutions across the nation. The previous surveys were conducted in 2013 and 2015.

Critical topics addressed in this complimentary White Paper include:

  • The evolving role of the school-sanctioned bookstore
  • Trends in textbook and course material sales
  • Why students are leaving the school-sanctioned bookstore
  • The impact of course material costs on student success, persistence and retention
  • How bookstores need to adapt to meet the demands for new eLearning materials and models
  • The need for an improved adoption process
  • General merchandise sales trends
  • Campus space optimization and the physical footprint of the campus bookstore in the future

“Survey results show that 93% of respondents think textbook prices have an impact on student retention, persistence and completion, as a growing number of students not only have abandoned the school-sanctioned bookstore, but are foregoing purchasing required course materials altogether due to escalating prices,” said John Squires, Akademos Chief Executive Officer. “It’s important for business and academic leadership to continually adapt and prepare for emerging trends in course materials and bookstore services to ensure they are meeting the needs of their students, faculty and entire campus community.”  

The exclusive 2017 College CFO White Paper provides an instructive look at critical issues higher education institutions face and offers potential solutions for the future that can help your institution lower course material costs and win back your students to the campus bookstore.

The full report summarizes responses to all questions asked in the 2017 CFO Survey, provides analysis of the results, and compares trends from the 2013 and 2015 surveys. This White Paper is available at no charge.

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