Webinar Recap: Win Back Students and Recapture Book Sales - Materials Available for Download

Posted by Jonathan Shar on February 11, 2015

Yesterday, we were joined by Jaye Lynn Bergers from Davenport University for a lively and informative Webinar, “How Your Bookstore Can Reduce Textbook Costs and Win Back Students.” If you were unable to join this Webinar, we wanted to make the presentation and recording of the session available for you to download free by clicking here.


The feedback from attendees has been extremely positive. Most found hearing how other institutions are quickly implementing solutions that prioritize the success of its students by driving down the cost of textbooks to be extremely relevant and informative.

In this Webinar, we took a behind-the-scenes look at Davenport University's approach to winning back students and recapturing sales. Topics covered included:

  • How Davenport increased its bookstore utilization, optimized the physical store footprint, and dramatically increased student satisfaction
  • Different bookstore solutions researched and the selection criteria    
  • How the solution was quickly implemented and integrated  
  • Key outcomes and results (including students saving over $1.8 million

To learn more about expanding affordable textbook options for your students and solutions that could work for your school, we would be happy to set-up a personalized 1:1 consultation today.

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