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Webinar Materials: College CFO Survey on Textbook & Bookstore Services

Yesterday we were joined by Robert Pignatello, SVP Finance and Administration at CUNY’s John Jay College and John Squires, CEO of Akademos for an informative and lively 2015 College CFO Survey on Textbook Affordability and Bookstore Services Webinar. If you were unable to join us for this discussion, please request the presentation and recording of the session today.

The feedback from attendees has been extremely positive. Most participants found the survey results and commentary on the trends and future of textbook services extremely relevant and informative.

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The Changing Role of the College Bookstore

The college bookstore services landscape has been radically transformed over
the last few years as students, faculty and administrators are2012-2013_Primary_Role_of_the_Bookstore increasingly concerned about the escalating costs of textbooks. Colleges are now searching for new solutions to lower costs and support their core mission of educating students.

In the begining of 2013, Akademos published the first comprehensive survey of college CFOs regarding the future of bookstore services. One question participants were asked to address was their opinion on the primary role of the bookstoreOverwhelmingly, College CFO's (80% of them) chose providing textbooks as the bookstore's central objective.

New White Paper: Reducing Textbook Costs Through an Online Bookstore

Institutions that have taken action are starting to see positive results in saving students money, improving bookstore utilization, and increasing student satisfaction.

Reducing Textbook Costs Through an Online BookstoreOver the past three decades college textbook prices have grown 812%, increasing three times faster than the Consumer Price Index. Administrators, faculty, students, and parents are increasingly concerned about the escalating cost of textbooks. Colleges are now searching for new solutions to lower costs and support their core mission of educating students.  
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New Student PIRGs Survey Confirms High Textbook Costs Impact Course Selection and Student Success

If you’re not aware of the work of the U.S. PIRG Education Fund & The Student PIRGs (Public Interest Research Groups), you should be.  Among other initiatives, they focus efforts on making higher education more affordable.

They’ve recently released a new study on the textbook market and the rising impact of cost to students.

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Learn how to lower textbook costs while increasing student and faculty satisfaction at your school bookstore

We are pleased to announce that our college President, Provost, and CAO survey on textbook trends is now complete!

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Why Students are Leaving the College Bookstore (According to College CFOs)

As an education technology company that provides online bookstore services to schools and their students, Akademos has always had anecdotal information from clients and students regarding the changing landscape for textbook services. We sought to validate the concerns that college chief financial officers (CFOs) had expressed to us about the future of their textbook services given the challenges presented by a vast marketplace of external competition, and the requirements of meeting new digital delivery needs presented by growing online curriculum.

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