Study Confirms Colleges Can Improve Student Satisfaction, Bookstore Sales & More by Providing Key Online Services

Posted by Lauren LaFronz on May 10, 2016

It’s abundantly clear that high textbook costs are a critical issue for colleges and their students. What’s not as clear is how to effectively address this highly-complex, multi-faceted problem.

Our new study, available free-of-charge, provides proof that addressing college textbook affordability with specialized online solutions is highly effective and positively impacts student satisfaction, bookstore sales and academic success. The study contains a comparative analysis from two surveys recently conducted on college student course material purchasing and bookstore services.Textbook-Affordability-Study-Thumbnail.jpg

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One survey was administered exclusively to students currently enrolled at Akademos partner schools, and another, identical survey was administered to college students enrolled at a random sample of "non-partner" institutions throughout the country. Several notable differences are revealed in the analysis including:

  • Students at institutions offering an extensive selection of low-priced textbooks are significantly more satisfied with textbook costs than students in the general population

  • Students at institutions providing a peer-to-peer marketplace as part of an online bookstore solution are considerably more likely than students in the general population to purchase all required course materials

  • Students at colleges offering first-rate bookstore websites are much more likely than students in the general population to be prepared for class with all required materials

  • Students at institutions with mobile-optimized, school-sanctioned bookstore websites are significantly more likely to forego purchasing textbooks on Amazon and other third party websites

This comparative analysis follows on the heels of the white paper we released last month containing the results of the survey administered to college students at "non-partner" institutions.

Request the study to read the complete analysis and learn about the specific online services that reduce college textbook costs and improve key metrics including student preparedness, student satisfaction and bookstore utilization.

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